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Wrecks of the Raritan River Railroad


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Wreck of 1927 or 1928


Wreck of Raritan River RR #11 at Such's Curve. Photo taken 08/14/1927






#11 at Such's Curve. 08/14/1927.






Wrecked tank car with #11 at Such's Curve 08/14/1927.




Last shot of wreck of #11 at Such's Curve. 08/14/1927.


One summer morning during August 1927, a cut of eight cars lost their brakes and went down the steep grade east towards South Amboy.At just the same time, poor locomotive number 11 was heading up the grade at the same time.With no way to stop the train, the crew just jumped, and watched the runaways crash into poor number 11.There were no injuries reported, and good old number 11, although being badly damaged (as the pictures show) was actually put back together by the competent shop crew, and survived for another 20 years of service!





Number 15 jumped the tracks near the PRR interchange in 1947.

Unfortunately, she was not rebuilt, but cut up on the spot.



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