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The passenger station burned long ago.

In 1969 the old Handkerchief factory burned down and took everything around it with it.

That included the old Raritan River Railroad South River Freight Station which was being rented out.

I have no real pictures of the South River Freight Station, if you have any, please let me know.


The following picture is quite large in size screen size, although compressed down so the file data size is reasonable.

I could not seem to crop it, without losing the magnitude of what happened that day.

So the file size needed to stay large.





The old South River Freight Station is burned down to the ground in November 1969.

The concrete platform to the left is the remains of the old passenger station.

The tracks that go off to the right is the south river branch which went on for about 2 miles to serve a few customers.

The South River yard can be seen, and the South River Swing Bridge is just beyond that.









A magnified view of the remains of the South River Freight Station.

The station was being rented by the Container Control Corporation.

The fire still smolders at this point




Standing on top of a boxcar, the magnitude of the destruction can be seen.











































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