RRRR Timetables

Timetables –




1912 – The oldest Time Table I have.  Shows 10 daily trains daily east and west bound.




1915 – Shows 11 daily trains








1917 – Note the RRRR had 22 daily east and west bound trains to deal with the war time rush in 1917!





1919 – By 1919 the number of daily trains had fallen to 15.





1930 – Down to 10 trains per day







1932 - In 1932 there were 2 daily trains from Jersey City, via the CNJ. 










1936 – The number of daily trains has fallen to only 2



1937 – This is the last timetable issued by the RRRR.  Daily trains are down to 1.  Passenger service ended April 16, 1938






1939 – This the last Time Table I have.  I don’t understand, if the last passenger train rain on April 16, 1938, why do I have time tables from after that date?  Shows 3 trains east and 2 trains  west?






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