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Pictures from Bill Burke – published with permission


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Here is a shot of #16 taken by Bill Burke in 1948.




Raritan River 0-6-0 from 1948.




Here is a shot of #14 taken in 1948




Shot of #14 with tank car 1948.




Here is seen ex US Army switcher #4031 on Raritan River property still sporting its original lettering.




A shot of the ex US Army 0-6-0 coming at you from 1948.




Here's a shot of #14 riding on the turn table in 1948.




A shot of a work train from 1948.




#20 at South River in 1953.





Here's a shot of Raritan River caboose #10 taken by me at Port Murray N.J. on Nov.26 1999.

The caboose along with LNE caboose 580 were under going restoration.

They have both been painted at this time, but I did not have my camera with me.

I'll rectify that on my next visit to N.J.   George Picyk



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