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Pictures from Bill Burke – published with permission


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If you look closely at your copy of Rails up the Raritan

(if you don't have one, try here: [ ])
and look at the credits, you'll see that W.A. Burke took some pictures in the early 50's that Fred used on his book.

Well, Bill Burke is willing to give me permission to publish some 40 more photos he has!!!!!!!





The first shot is 4-4-0 no. 8 built in 1882 at  South Amboy,N.J. It was built by Cooke for the NYL&W as #3 later DL&W #927 in 1899 and sold to the Raritan River in Jan 1914. The photo was taken about 1916. This was the information on the back of the picture which was printed as a post card.


Here is a shot of Raritan River #1. No other information on this picture.


This is Raritan River #7 shot at Parlin,N.J. on Oct.6,1945.


This is Raritan River #8. Ex PRR #7542 built by PRR's Juniata Shops in May of 1910. It is shown at South Amboy on June 19,1941.


This shot was taken at South Amboy on Nov.20,1946. It shows #9 on the head end and #11 is the pusher.


This shot is the same train as the previous post. Taken on Nov.20,1946. This shows #11, the pusher, running in reverse.


Here is a shot of Raritan River caboose #6. Note the DL&W heritage. It was taken 06/19/1941 at South Amboy,N.J.


A shot of the Raritan River station at New Brunswick, N.J. about 1910.


A shot of Raritan River #5. Built by Baldwin in May of 1910. Picture taken at South Amboy,N.J. 06/19/1941.


A shot of Raritan River #7 built by Baldwin in August,1919. Ex Chattahouchee Valley #11. Photo taken at South Amboy 07/08/1942.



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